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so it’s 1AM and I just had a 3 hour conversation with a guy I dated in like 7th and 8th grade haha How random is that? He still remembers my birthday!!! I don’t even remember what I did 2 days ago let alone someone I haven’t seen in like 15 years birthday. Was cool to catch up tho. It’s sort of cool to see where your childhood friends end up with their lives. 





Please, share this! it could help someone help their friend.

For seizures you have to lay them on their side, if they are laying face up they WILL choke (gravity) (sometimes you are unable to lay them on their side)

holy shit this actually came back to my dash. GOD DAMN I LOVE YOU GUYS 


I sincerely sincerely sincerely apologize I know I let you down


I sincerely sincerely sincerely apologize
I know I let you down


Can we have another “Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.” post with the words

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Steven cries openly and that’s important. 

Steven is the main character of the show, and is around the same age  as the show’s target audience (7-13) on CartoonNetwork so in many ways her resents of the age group they are trying to get to. 

And he is often shown, crying, usually reacting to something that’s upset him greatly, it seems 100% natural responds for a young kid like Steven, right? 

So if its so understandable and natural, why is it important that Steven openly cries and doesn’t seems to be ashamed about show his emotions? 

It’s because that show is meant for kids from 7 to 13 and it is unbelievable rare to show an main character, a male main character, openly crying like Steven does.

Even if a male character is going to toward something horrible, it’s more often they are shown with a single heroic tear or simply never show them crying.

In a culture that often tells boys at a very young age that crying is weak and girly. It is highly important to show Steven, a character young boys are suppose to relate to, crying and reaction to things emotionally in a heathy and age appropriate way. It’s highly important to show young boys that showing emotions does not make them weak, 

It’s also important is talk about Steven’s emotions are handled by the show too. Steven is never called a crybaby or a weakling because he cries or gets upset. Everyone in Steven’s live (included the show itself) treats Steven’s feeling seriously, they are never shown as small thing that don’t matter.

Steven shows kids that it’s okay to cry when you are upset, it does not make you weak. Steven still does heroic things, and he’s still a funny happy little kid, even if it means he gets emotional sometimes. 

So yeah, Steven cries a lot and it’s really important. 



You wanna kiss da girl 
Sha la la la la la 

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I’m crying,is Flynn the only one who thought to perform first aid while everyone just kissed him xkjhvfkjgsfhg


ill take 12


'its too hot to wear all black'



I wish I can add more photos into one post, but the limit is 10 sob.

Click for more photos.

Finally finished the ACNL house! This was for project 2 of Drawing, Image Object class. We had to draw an existing or imaginary interior space and then make it into a sculpture.

The last time I ever constructed anything similar to this was like 2 years ago. Wow. I’m a novice welp.

I needed refs of nice-looking houses (my house in the game is horrendous… I literally hoard everything), so I asked my friends for theirs:

owlette | lugidog | artricahearts

Thank you guys so much for your help!

I had to mix and match, change some things according to the materials I had. This is my first time working with fabric, so it was quite challenging

Size: The board that the house stands on is 19 x 19 inches.

Materials: fabric (I don’t know the terms sorry), paper for skeleton build, tape, super glue, sharpies, illustration board, wooden sticks, and clear plastic.

Time: around 2 days for sculpture.

I don’t know what to do with the sculpture now haha. Maybe give it away or something in the future? Might want to try this again, it was fun.


The few Kill la Kills I drew while on Noill’s multistream.

Thanks to Noill and Colo for letting me join them, and thanks to all the new followers I got from doing so it seems!

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